Product Lifecycle Management
The Powerful, Easy way to Design, License, Sample, and Sell.

Project Management

Gantt Charting

The ability to capture the current status of projects is a critical element in project management. Webtech has interactive gantt charting with drill-down and drag-and-drop capabilities so you can get the full picture of your projects from 30,000ft down to the finest details.

Project Templates

Webtech eliminates tedious data entry with our powerful template system. Project templates can be built on the customer, location, program, or user level and inherited down to streamline and standardize project creation.


With over 15 years of project management experience, we realize that what’s important to one person is idle chatter to someone else. that’s why we allow each user to create their own custom dashboards.

Relational Data

The core of Webtech is our relational matrix database. If you’ve been frustrated trying to pull together management reports through MS Project or Excel, you will appreciate the power of relational data. You can even add your own data fields for full control over your process.

Tasks and Workflow

Task Designer

Our graphical drag-and-drop task designer allows you to customize your task templates with as many free type fields, drop downs, check boxes, and other elements as you need. You can build your own forms and checklists right into the tasks so data collection becomes effortless.

Custom Actions

Custom actions (or shortcuts) give you the ability to combine many actions into a single click. For example, an action could complete one task, start the next task, notify the team, and update a product’s status all in one click.

Social Networking

More than just chatter, you can tag comments to a task, project, user, or product throughout the system. Our integrated module also integrates with MS Exchange and MS Outlook, supports uploading images, and attaching files and documents.

Reporting and Notifications

User Teams

User teams are a great way to stay on top of projects without having to pore through screens and reports. Just join a user team and subscribe to the projects you need to know about and have your updates pushed to you.

Query Builder

Our powerful query builder gives you access to all data in the system ( within your permissions of course). You can easily query and filter data for output to the screen, PDF, Excel, or chart. You can even include images.

Report Designer

We’ve already created reports for the most common needs, but with the Report Designer, you can create any report on your own, or extend, copy, or customize the existing reports.

Notifications System

With out rules based notifications system, you can trigger an email alert (or just have the alert show in your activity feed), to be notified of real time situations. Alerts can be real time or batched, and you have full control of what is contained in the alert.

Process Management

Digital Assets

No matter whether you are storing images, CAD data, Excel workbooks, PDF’s or any type of file, Webtech can store and track revisions. Digital assets can be attached to practically any element in the system through your activity feed, or within the screens themselves.

Engineering Change Orders

Full featured ECO system to track BOM changes, effectivity dates, and planned obsolescence.

Parts and Products

Our product module leverages our experience in manufacturing so you can manage new product launches easily.

Customer Service

For many companies, the project doesn't end with the delivery of the product. Webtech's customer service module helps keep track of ongoing support.